Autism Help for Parents and Caregiver Support

At SEBC, we believe that the parents/caregivers of the children we support should be active partners and participants, and that we can all learn from each other. At intake, and throughout treatment, BCBAs and parents/caregivers work together to develop goals, objectives, and strategies that will provide the greatest positive impact that are sensitive to the needs, sensibilities, and culture of the family and community.

The majority of our ABA sessions occur in the home, for a variety of reasons:

  • First, providing services in the home makes it more likely that skills learned during session will generalize, and occur in the home outside of session
  • Second, providing services in the home allows parents/guardians to be active participants in the techniques we are using and the skills we are teaching
  • Third, there is a level of transparency in providing services in the home, in that parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to observe and take part in sessions to whatever extent they are comfortable (parents/caregivers are expected to participate in at least some portion of the session and to participate in parent/caregiver consultation, and are welcome to participate in as much as they would like to beyond this minimum).
  • Fourth, providing supports in the home allows for ongoing parent consultation, wherein the parent/guardian and BCBA work together to discuss and problem-solve strategies to help the people we support to be as successful as possible outside of session and to ensure that there is a consistency of approach by everyone who is working together on behalf of the person receiving services.